Art, Dragons, and resin

Clara Lawrence

The ultimate guide to using Alumilite Dyes

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About this guide

Each page of this guide can be printed out individually as needed. Because of this you can take it to your studio and mix up the colors you desire while the book is safely on your desktop away from the sticky zone (I do a lot of epoxy and that’s what I call my studio). When you need another color, simply print out that page and mix it up.

What You Can Expect:

Each page has:

  • Basic color circle
  • Easy formula for mixing with color dots
  • Swatch (solid to very light gradation)
  • List of color names and product name
    (easily pull from your stash)
  • Basic mixing instructions (quick reference)
  • The colors are listed next to the color dot for easy to follow amounts.
  • The specific colors and brands are listed below (on the color page) so that you can easily pull the right products off the shelf. That will come in handy when this guide gets bigger and multiple product types are included.

Clara Lawrence

In Loving Memory

Our beloved Clara Marie Lawrence, age 57, peacefully passed away in Elgin, TX on May 21, 2024, after her hard-fought battle with cancer. She was surrounded by her loving family at her side within the comfort and peace of her home.
Clara was born on June 17, 1966, to Paula and Dan Sullivan in Pittsburg, PA. She was preceded in death by her sister, Paulette Anne and her nephew/adopted son, Stephen Schroeder. Clara is survived by her parents, Daniel Sullivan and Paula Sullivan, her sons, Michael J. Lawrence and Bryan A. Lawrence, her nephew/adopted son, Jim Schroeder, and numerous nieces and nephews.
If you ever met her, you would probably hear her contagious laugh echoing in your mind right now. She built a career in graphic design for 20 years while living in the countryside surrounded by her beloved horses. Without taking time away from her family, she continued her art by memorializing her horses in photographs, mosaics, and quilts. That is when she was inspired by RK3 Designs to jump into the world of resin art. This is where she remained, active in a colorful community where she grew and contributed her skills through YouTube. She was always present in people’s lives, loved spending time with family, and brought color into this world through her art. She would not want you to mourn her, rather celebrate the life she lived and, most importantly, find your way of bringing color into the world.
Special thanks to Laura Parker, Tish Winters, and Nickie Martinez-Hinojosa for all the love and care given to Clara during her last days.
We ask that your please flood her Facebook page (Clara Lawrence) and her YouTube Channel (Clara Lawrence Art) with loving memories and fun times so that we all may celebrate the amazing person she truly was.