Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Epoxy a suitable material for countertops, furniture and crafts?

Epoxy when cured is a very durable material that will last for years to come. Stonecoat Countertop epoxy is extremely scratch, chip, moisture and heat resistant (475 degrees) and has the highest rated UVA protection on the market. It allows for highly customizable finishes that resemble natural stone such as granite, marble, quartz and even wood, without the high cost.

What surfaces can epoxy be applied to?

Our epoxy can be applied to just about any surface including wood, laminate, natural stone, metal and even glass. A bonding primer is required first when going over any non-porous surface.

Is Stonecoat Countertops Epoxy safe?

Unlike many epoxies on the market, Stonecoat Countertop Epoxy is made of 100% solids, no solvents, having no VOC’s (Volatile organic compound and qualify as a green building material) therefor not requiring special PPE (personal protection equipment). Once cured, it is non-porous making the surface 100% anti-bacterial and food grade (approved for use in restaurants and medical facilities).

Are epoxy countertops hard to take care of?

Stonecoat Countertop epoxy is EXTREMELY durable and when taken proper care of, can last for years. We recommend you treat your countertops with care as you would any other nice surface in your home. Don’t cut directly on the epoxy, use a cutting board. We recommend trivets or felt pads under any heavy appliances, and place crock pots are any other appliance that creates excessive heat for long periods of time, on a cutting board or placemat when in use. Stay away from harsh and abrasive cleaners. We recommend Vinegar and water with a drop of dish soap in a spray bottle for everyday cleaning. If over time the countertops begin to look dull or have micro scratches, a quick buffing will bring them back to life.

Does RK3 Designs install countertops or just sell the products?

RK3 Designs a very successful full service countertop and shower fabrication and installation company. We custom build your countertops/shower with your choice of design finishes. We are also the largest independent distributor of Stonecoat Countertop epoxy as well as teach a variety of very informative and fun hands on classes.

How fast do you ship products ordered from your website?

We take pride in providing the best customer service possible. If you place your order before noon (central standard time) M-F, your shipment will go out on the same day.

What is the difference between Stonecoat Countertop Epoxy and Stonecoat Art Coat?

The products are very similar and have the same durability qualities. Stonecoat Art Coat is recommended when pouring a white or light colored finish due to its added UVA protection.

How much epoxy do I use?

We recommend 3 oz./sq. ft. for most finishes and 3 oz./sq. ft. for the final clear flood coat.

What is the Ultimate Top Coat?

The Ultimate Top Coat is a roll on coating that gives an incredibly durable long lasting finish. We highly recommend it on all of our Epoxy countertops. The Ultimate Topcoat comes in two sheens, Natural (matte) and Gloss. A kit will do approximately 40-50 square feet of surface area and applied with a 1/4 inch nap roller.

Why should I use the Stonecoat Undercoating?

The undercoating provides a fantastic primer and base and is ready for you to pour the epoxy in as little as 4 hours.

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