Mixing Epoxy 101: Tips and Tricks

January 9, 2023

Material List

Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy – Original Formula

$69.99 - $237.99


This is the material we use to create our Stone Coat Countertops and Wood Slab Tops. A 1/2 Gallon kit will cover 10+ Sq. Ft., a 1 Gallon kit will cover 20+ Sq Ft. and a 2 Gallon Kit will cover 40+ sq. ft of surface for both the COLOR coat and clear FLOOD coat ( about 3 oz of Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy per Square Foot per coat).

SCC Epoxy is: 

• Heat Resistant

• Scratch Resistant

• Food Safe

• Very High U.V Resistance

• Water Resistant

• Renewable

• Easy To Clean

• Zero VOC

• 100% Solids

• DIY friendly

Do not pour this material over 1/8″ per coat, for deep thick pours use our casting resin.

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