Easy Faux Wood Grain Countertop

May 16, 2022

Material List

XIM Bonding Primer



UMA’s advanced technology has both primer and adhesive-like properties.  A quick drying, white bonding primer / sealer that provides excellent adhesion. Can be tinted. for tough-to-paint surfaces: glass, tile, Formica, metals, many plastics, wood and other construction materials including Kynar® and silicone polyester pre-coated siding.


  • Accepts all topcoats

  • Bonds / seals to hard-to-paint surfaces. To be used over any slick or non-porous surfaces

  • Excellent wet adhesion

  • Low VOC, low odor

  • Interior / Exterior

FOR BEST RESULTS surface must be clean and dry, free from all grease, wax, oil, polish, loose paint, dirt, rust or other contamination.

Other Supplies

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